Have You Seen the “Typical BC Girl”?

Have You Seen the “Typical BC Girl”?

My latest article on The Rock @ Boston College–a commentary on the social perceptions of women at Boston College. 

The “typical BC Girl” does not exist.

Where is she? She is in our vernacular and in our minds, but she is not a reality. I’d like to explore why.

For clarity’s sake: the “typical BC Girl,” as adopted by the BC student population, refers to the female student who attends Boston College and adheres to a certain set of characteristics, including choice of dress, ethnicity, social status, and other such descriptive sociological terms. Just what these terms entail I will divulge in a moment.

I don’t believe the “BC Girl” exists because I don’t want to perpetuate such a vapid, homogeneous standard—one that is untrue.


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