Foodie File: White Chocolate Paradiso

Every woman has a PMS monster. Mine is indubitably French. Every month around that time, I consume heavy amounts of red wine and blast Edith Piaf while whipping up high quality desserts (no thank you, Pillsbury boxed cake). Not that any of these activities sound different from any other week…

ANYWAY, I was craving something different yet relatively light, so I opted for a white chocolate lemon glaze cake recommended by David Lebovitz, an expat chef living in Paris and one of my favorite bloggers.


I definitely wanted more of the white chocolate taste, so next time I’ll add some more. I also topped the lemon glaze with coconut flakes.

Needless to say, things went well. I was consistently torn between taking the cake to a friend’s house and sharing, more for my own safety than any inherent generosity, but it ended up staying at home and getting devoured by guests the next day.


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