Empty Yourself…

and let the Universe fill you.


There is a famous Hindu story that tells of a young Krishna, whose mother accuses him of eating dirt. When she orders him to open his mouth, he obliges. She looks inside his mouth, and finds not dirt, but the entire universe.

This mystical story stuck with me throughout the weeks of my intensive yoga teacher training course. After a few years developing my practice, I decided to take the plunge into a deeper understanding of this ancient tradition. I am by no means a “perfect” yogi, nor am I interested in pursuing such an unattainable construct. So it was with an open mind and the desire only to grow that I approached the course. The result was an experience at once humbling and enriching, a study in serenity and compassion that has transferred from the mat into my daily life.


My fellow teachers graduates and our instructor, David, at the beautiful community of Energy Yoga.

Training to become a yoga teacher has taught me more than how to sequence a class or how to recognize and adjust harmful alignment. I’ve learned more than a Sanskrit vocabulary with all its dizzying syllables and initially intimidating breath techniques. In reality, I’ve come to understand that we are meant to be lifelong learners,  seeking truth in each experience that may help bring us closer to our individual truths, the universe within ourselves.

As I begin this journey, I realize that my only real role as an instructor is to guide others along the yogic path. I truly believe that yoga exists within every single being–it is only a matter of uncovering it, and that, I know, will take many lifetimes.



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