Featured at FYF Fest

This past weekend, I attended FYF Fest in Los Angeles (more about that trip soon!). We saw HAIM and my all-time favorite band, The Strokes, which left me an emotional wreck. My best friend and I were featured on the blog Life Box Set by a lovely photographer named Samira Winter.

Exchanging laughs with Rachel.

Though many festival-goers complained about the first day at FYF, it was mainly due to organizational flaws associated with the event’s new venue at LA Exposition Park. We only attended the second day of the festival, and it was an excellent time. Any errors from the previous day had been corrected overnight (kudos to the management team for addressing concerns) and we found the atmosphere inviting. There were dozens of food vendors to choose from, along with pop-up boutiques. My personal favorite was a little stand where four girls who felt more like wood nymphs crafted fresh flower crowns for interested parties.

Seeing The Strokes live “reminded me what it was like to be 18 again,” as I heard someone brilliantly say. They started with Barely Legal (which I oddly predicted) and played a two-hour set including a wide selection from their five albums. It was the perfect end to a week-long trip in Los Angeles, my first time on the West Coast. 


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