Dance of the Warrior: Budokon

“The way we do anything, is the way we do everything.”

The word “dance” belies the kick-ass workout that is Budokon–my sore muscles are ample testament. Budokon combines martial arts and yoga in an artful flow that engages the entire body. These fluid movements indeed resemble a dance, but they are also reminiscent of ancient warriors on the battlefield. 

Yesterday afternoon, I had the honor of taking a Budokon workshop with Luisa Fernanda Casasbuenas at Energy Yoga in Doral. The two-hour class was meant to be introductory, if advanced, and Luisa guided us through seven series of the practice. My personal favorite was one of the finals series, “The Animals,” in which various high-energy, cardio movements mimic different animals. We were all half-laughing, half-panting by the end.

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 12.05.36 PMTaking a break to work on handstands with Luisa (Photo credits: Stew @ Energy Yoga)

About Budokon

Budokon literally translates to “way of the warrior” in Japanese. Created by Kancho Cameron Shayne in 2000, practitioners can train right here in Miami, FL at the Budokon University. The form brings the “circular influence” of martial arts movement to the traditional hatha yoga postures, such as the Virabhrandasana (Warrior) series.

The beauty of Budokon expands beyond its physical practice. It seeks to harmonize the yin and yang within each of us, inspiring an individual consciousness that aligns with universal consciousness. 

Thank you again, Luisa, for your sharing your wisdom and talent with us in this beautiful workshop!




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