Sobre el tema del destino


A plaza in Jerez illuminated at night. 

I intended to stay with a couple in the city center while I sorted my affairs, but I’ve decided to stay here permanently. Carmen and David are a lovely pair and their apartment is something of a dream–spacious, with hand-painted Andalusian tiles and floor-length windows from the early 20th century. I have never met people more generous than I have in Spain, my new hosts included. It is at once humbling and moving to see a people stricken by economic crisis sharing half their lunch with you. The money is tight, but the spirits remain jovial and that will forever be my favorite part of Spanish culture. Besides, a glass of jerez is only 1E, and the flamenco is free.

                             IMG_3170   IMG_3127


One of my new roommates…


I am impressed at how little I packed…there’s a first time for everything.

This could be eerie, or it could be a sign that I was meant to be here. This particular tapestry of Ganesha that David and Carmen have in their house is the exact same one I’ve had in my room the past year. In fact, I brought it with me to hang up in my new room. Que fuerte, no?


*For the time being, my photos will have to be iPhone based–I apologize for the low quality, but I’ll have my camera back in the next few months.*


One Reply to “Sobre el tema del destino”

  1. Hola, Thais, soy Marcelo y voy a ser uno de tus compañeros de trabajo en el colegio. Me encanta ver que estás empezando a disfrutar de Jerez. Nos vemos pronto 😉
    PD: Es un mensaje para ti, no hace falta que lo publiques.

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