On Your Face

Spain is great. Most things, like fruit from the market or my rent or beers at a bar, are very cheap. Some things are the same as back home–mainly, popcorn at the movies. But other things don’t exist, or at least are not easily accessible, like the kind of products you would find at CVS. Man, I miss CVS.

Among these is facial exfoliant. Here in the city center, there are a few grocery stores less than three minutes from my apartment, but none of them have face scrub (or if they do, I haven’t seen it). I took this as an opportunity to make my own, which is better for your face anyway. Bye, parabens!

I’ve posted the recipe below. I have combination skin (on the dry side with oily spots, mainly in the T-Zone), and this mask both hydrates and gently exfoliates without throwing off oil balance.

Face Mask From Your Fridge

I eyeballed these measurements, and you can, too.

-about a 1/4 cup dry oatmeal

-one small container of natural, plain yogurt with no-sugar added (greek yogurt works, too)

-1 tbs brown sugar

-1 tsp olive oil


Mix all together into a paste-like substance. It won’t be a hard mask.

It’s best to apply this after a warm shower when your pores have been opened by the steam. I actually applied it twice–once in the shower as a cleanser/exfoliant (the brown sugar and oatmeal gently scrub away layers of dead skin) and again as a traditional face mask. Let it sit on your face for about 10-15 minutes, or until the yogurt has dried a bit.

Remove with warm water, then splash cold water on your face to close pores. Pat dry with a clean face towel. Love your smooth, clean skin.


No yogurt? Add almond milk instead, but this is more of a pure exfoliant and not so much a mask. OR add egg yolk for that mask-like consistency.

Looking for something simpler? Wash your face with your regular cleanser and apply avocado to your face. Just scoop it out and pat it onto your skin, letting it dry for about 10-15 mins. It will feel strange, but your skin will feel amazing afterward.


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