Do you dare – slowing down?

I absolutely love this post by yogi Andrea Leber. Some enlightening thoughts for the New Year…namaste!

Yoga & Joyful Living

Does anybody still remember when yoga was just plain weird, potentially dangerous and certainly a devilish Hindu practice? When you’d don your baggy cotton trousers and a shabby t-shirt in order to, well, just sit and breathe?

Well, I don’t remember any of this. Maybe my parents would. Actually, my mum does and when I started doing yoga she looked at me, really puzzled, and said: “Oh dear, I don’t recognise any of this.”

All this has been talked and written about at length. But what I wonder is this:

What does the style of yoga that is predominantly being practised at a certain time, in a certain country, tell us about society?

What kind of society is it that makes people push limits, target goals, and once reached, set them higher? What makes people sweat at over 30 degrees with the relentless urge to detoxify? Why do we…

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