Best of 2014

I didn’t think readjusting to Spain would be so difficult after only two weeks away. In that time, I’ve had the chance to reflect on the past year. As it turns out, I hit a few giant milestones…in fact, 2014 was the year EVERYTHING changed for me. So, a little late, but here they are, my most memorable moments of 2014:

1. Acting in my last college play. My theatre experience at Boston College ended where it began–in the Bonn Studio Theatre. I got to play what I hope I will be like at age 60 (minus the dying of cancer part). Ana in Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House opened up a lot of introspection for me, but the best part was working with a tight-knit cast under my dear friend and director, Billy.


2. Graduating from Boston College. Well, there’s that. Having my parents, grandmother, and godfather there to celebrate my hard-earned degree was easily one of the proudest moments of my life. I was beaming the entire time, and I got to spend the entire week before with the people I had grown to love over the past four years.

Thanks, mom and daaaaaad

3. First post-graduate job. Sure, it was only a summer gig, but it counts! I never expected to cry on my last day as an acting teacher at the University of Miami’s Summer Theatre Academy, but even now I find myself missing those kids and our many hours of playing make-believe.

Practicing “silent film faces” with my six-year olds

4. Receiving my yoga instructor certification. This is probably one of the most special moments of 2014. In three short weeks (our class was an intensive training for advanced students), I learned more about myself than ever before. It’s cliche, but it really is true. Since my first class at age 18, getting my certification was a bucket list kind of goal. I never thought it’d be happening so soon, at this young age. I certainly have a long way to go, but being placed on the path is more than I could ask for. And the opportunity to grow with five amazing souls under our endlessly wise teacher was one I will always cherish.


5. Moving to Spain. Okay, so temporarily. At least for now. But this was probably the biggest challenge-disguised-as-frivolity I’ve ever undertaken. This is not studying abroad–it is living in a different country, with bills and a job, and where quinoa costs 7 dollars. Like anyplace I’ve lived, I soon learned that no place will stay magical for long unless you keep it that way. After enough time, the same old problems and habits catch up to us. I used to think a place could save me, but I’ve since learned the error of that mindset. No one can save me but myself.


There are other lovely highlights I’ve written in my [real-life, paper] journal,  mostly related to traveling–Cape Cod with my mother and grandmother, Dominican Republic with my family, California to visit my best friend–but these are the main ones. I hope I can take 2015 for all it’s worth and continue to live a present, active existence. May this year bring you, whoever you are, positivity and love and, if you like it, good chocolate.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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