Telling a True Story: Love in Ruins

This summer, I’ll be participating in DC’s Capital Fringe Festival as Mayte in Love in Ruins, a new work by Paul Handy, directed by the super brilliant Clare Shaffer. It feels particularly special to be entrusted with this story because Spain holds a dear spot in my heart, and because the story is nonfiction.

Love in Ruins tells a true story about a pair of Spanish immigrants who fled to America during the Spanish Civil War, and the historically-contextual situation that brought them together in the first place. The story was inspired by the playwright’s in-laws.

After Mayte’s fiance dies in the war, she is comforted by Guillermo, a fellow student at her university, and their relationship flourishes out of pragmatism and a growing fondness for one another. However, it is said that the “real Mayte” never forgot her first love, and the themes of loss and love in hardship color the play’s arc.

It is interesting and challenging to play a true character whose presence is still palpable. To preserve the integrity of the story and the characters is important, especially when the family in question is aware of and present for the creating process. The “real Guillermo” is still alive and it’s been said that he likes the script! Similarly, the couples’ youngest daughter (who is married to the playwright) has regaled us with stories about her family that have helped us fill in some rich details.

There will be five performances throughout July at the Logan Fringe Arts Space. Come out and see this wonderful play!

LOVE IN RUINS by Paul Handy
dir. by Clare Shaffer
ft. Thais Menendez, Calvin McCullough, Sheila Blanc, and Danny Santiago 

Saturday, July 9 @ 3:30pm
Wednesday, July 13 @ 6:15pm
Sunday, July 17 @ 2:30pm
Thursday, July 21 @ 9:45pm
Saturday, July 23 @ 12:45pm

Tickets for FRINGE are now on sale.




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