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Blog Spot: Valentina Citadina

My brilliant friend/chef/writer Valentina  has begun documenting her experiences living and, most importantly, eating in New York. Hers is a lovely blog and I encourage you to visit it!

Read about our brunch experience at the Reynard in Brooklyn here…

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Review: Blue Apron

I’d been eager to try a meal delivery service for a while. Blue Apron is perhaps the most recognizable of these many services, so I took advantage of an introductory discount and tried it out!



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Petite Indulgences: Mini Key Lime Pies

The other night, Mindy Kaling tweeted something hilarious and true:

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 2.27.28 PM

September is also my birthday month, and I am just barely a fall baby. So in honor of summer’s departure (wah), I made an Ode to Summer Sunday meal of pan-seared cod (again) and the part we actually care about, mini key lime pies. 


Putting the “uuuuuuh” in fun-sized. 

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Foodie File: White Chocolate Paradiso

Every woman has a PMS monster. Mine is indubitably French. Every month around that time, I consume heavy amounts of red wine and blast Edith Piaf while whipping up high quality desserts (no thank you, Pillsbury boxed cake). Not that any of these activities sound different from any other week…

ANYWAY, I was craving something different yet relatively light, so I opted for a white chocolate lemon glaze cake recommended by David Lebovitz, an expat chef living in Paris and one of my favorite bloggers.


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Foodie File: Am I a Vegetarian?

It’s starting to seem that way, what with the onslaught of vegetarian/vegan recipes in my kitchen lately. I’m not going to give up meat anytime soon, but like I said in a previous entry, I love the creativity and flavor vegetarian recipes tend to have.

This is another take on the homemade veggie burger: a black bean & sweet potato burger. I got the recipe from Cookie & Kate. Instead of millet, I used rice and couscous (and as always, topped with avocado–because life is better that way).


Foodie File: Veggie Burgers to save your life

I’m by no means a vegetarian/vegan, but I’ve found myself dipping into such recipes lately. Because the options are more limited, particularly with protein, they tend to be flavorful and creative, and not to mention healthful.

So when my vegetarian friend Alejandra suggested we make veggie burgers from scratch, I was excited. The recipe came from an award-winning vegetarian blog, The First Mess. We accompanied the lettuce-wrapped burgers with sweet potato fries (and evil-delicious vegan cookies for dessert–we made them pecan/cranberry instead of chocolate chip).


Foodie File

Foodie File

Sprinkle peaches with cinnamon and toss (rather, gently place) on the grill.

Marvel at how unhealthy it tastes.

Add ice cream to be sure.

Foodie File

A few recipes I’ve made recently, or as my grandmother would call them, “mis inventos.”

4th of JuSlyders

toasted bun, dijon, caramelized onions, bbq sauce, meat, tomato, spinach


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