Artist on the rise: Nikki Lorenzo

You know when you hear an album for the first time and it’s got you jammin in your seat? That is Nikki Lorenzo’s new EP, “Unravel.” Nikki and I grew up in the same town and I’ve watched her grow into the powerhouse artist she is today. I’d highly recommend giving her new album a listen–a soulful, earthy, bluesy amalgam of storytelling that will have you hitting replay. Give her a listen–you won’t regret it!


Are you in LA? Check out Nikki Lorenzo this Friday, June 3 @ El Cid. Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and more!


The Endless Summer: A Week in California

A Virgin Airlines flight feels a lot like a nightclub. The flight attendants are blond and bubbly. Upon boarding, the overhead lights are neon pink and purple. I’m half expecting someone to offer me bottle service, and instantly the five-hour flight ahead seems fun (except for when they announce that, due to a passenger’s airborne peanut allergy, no one can consume nuts during the flight, and you can guess what kinds of snacks I brought). I had put off my first trip to the West Coast for too long and finally, my opportunity appeared: my best friend was coming to the end of her first year in Los Angeles, and my favorite (contemporary) band was playing at a festival that weekend (see below). The stars were aligned, as were the complimentary Virgin-sponsored music videos on my flight. 


My whirlwind of a trip was more than I had hoped. Rather than submit readers to a long-winded recounting of my adventures, I’ve decided to highlight places or events along my trip (including one run-in that left me starstruck).

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