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MEDDEAS, Official Blogger

“The first time I met Manuela Carpio, I was terrified. I wanted her to like me; the best flamenco teachers in Jerez had a reputation for denying beginners entry into their classes (they only want to spend their precious time with advanced dancers and had no patience for novices). And I was a real beginner. I had never even heard a bulería song before moving to teach English abroad to Jerez (Spain). I had vague notions about what flamenco was, the glimpses I’d seen and heard throughout my multicultural upbringing, but in reality, I had no idea.”

The Culture Trip

“Legend has it that Chefchaouen was founded in 1417 by a Muslim lord who sought to appease his Spanish wife, Zhora. After the Moors were expelled from Spain in the late 15th century, Mulay Ali Ben Rachid whisked Zhora off to Morocco where he created the city in the likeness of her Spanish hometown, Vejer de la Frontera. Chefchaouen’s charm immediately captures the spirit. The town is small enough to accommodate a short visit, but it compensates with unparalleled vibrancy and culture.”

The Rock at Boston College

‘After spending three months in Paris, with about three more to go—if the visa officers manage to find me, that is— I’ve been absolutely wine-n-dine’d by this city. Even on the days where I’m weeping over whatever first world problem is likely challenging me that day, I inhale a gentle sob and whisper to myself, mantra-like, “I’d rather be sad in Paris.” ‘



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